Decorating on a budget: Making wall statements

Decorating on a budget: Making wall statements

Written by Caroline S. Benoudiz on June, 4 2018

Decorating on a budget: Making wall statements

When it comes to wall treatments there are plenty of options to choose from: Wall coverings, plasterwork, paneling, moldings, tiles, paint, and so on.

When designing on a budget, wall treatment can take a big hit on our pockets, which is why it is important to make the right decision when the time comes. Here are the things you should consider:

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 Length of stay: How long will you be living in the space? If it is short-term, we recommend you stick to basic paint. Most rentals require that by the time the lease is done, walls should remain as they were at the time of the rental, so the time/money invested on purchasing and installing any ‘complicated’ wall treatment isn’t really worth it. Most of them require prepping the wall, installing the wall treatment, and then taking it down and re-finish the wall to its original state may even require to hire a specialist, and will cost you a lot of time and money. There are a lot of nice colors out there that can make any room pop, and for an extra bang you can find some really cool stencils to make wall details or patterns that look like wallpaper. If you’re looking for something more long term, or regardless of the time, really want something bolder, try looking for wall treatments that are easy to install and remove (there are wall papers that you can even peel off!). You should definitely steer clear from all other options unless you are willing to make large expenses on installation and removal when it’s time to move out.

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Life expectancy: If you are into super bold colors or are thinking about putting up some wood paneling, textured tiles, or intricate stonework to accent your walls, you should think ahead: How long until the fad fades? If you can see yourself living in a space with vintage-looking orange bricks, or a super rich yellow silk ikat pattern wallpaper 5 years from now, then by all means follow your dreams. If on the other side you're not so sure, we recommend to stick to neutral, less ‘fashionable’ techniques: Try to select more classic materials & colors that will look elegant in the years to come.

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Money, Money, Money:  Adding any type of wall treatment to your home is a luxury. Sure they are an added value to your home and will enhance any space you choose to put them in. However, they are a one-time-use only item, and will be useless by the time you decide to move out or change your decor. There is no such thing as a reusable wall paper. You should always look at it as a secondary necessity, and if you’re tight on budget we suggest you spend your money on things that will also add personality and color to your spaces such as nice art work, statement furniture, accent lighting, and bold accessories like cushions, carpets, vases, and so on. And these you get to keep forever.

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Decorating on a budget: Making wall statements
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